Wells Fargo Forecloses on Man’s Home for Paying off his home in Full

A Florida man got the surprise of his life after paying off his home early, and in full – THE BANK FORECLOSED ON HIS HOME.

In a sickening display of how much power bankers really have in this country, Etienne Syldor of Orlando, Florida may lose his home because Wells Fargo claims he paid of his home “to quick.”

Syldor, a Haitian immigrant who works as a bus driver, faithfully paid his mortgage on time, always sending even more than he owed every month. But apparently, those over payments got him in trouble with the bank.

The sick bastards at Wells Fargo, using a technicality in Syldor’s mortgage papers, have decided to foreclose on his home. I guess getting their money back wasn’t enough for the greedy bastards at the bank.

In a statement Wells Fargo said:

The loan was part of a mortgage-backed security and in a protected pool, with specific payment guidelines. We are working with Mr. Syldor to explain the guidelines and explore options that may help.”

These banks are truly evil. Here is a man who paid everything he owed, who may now find himself homeless because a bank wanted to profit even more off his debt.