Spineless Wimp Glenn Beck & Other Fake Conservatives Side with Obama & Reid – Wants Bundy Ranch Destroyed

Glenn Beck Fake ConservativeThe spineless wimp, otherwise known as Glenn Beck, has yet again showed his true colors as he sided with President Obama and Harry Reid when he told listeners to this radio show this morning to Unfriend him if the Supported the Bundy’s Constitutional Rights.

After years of pretended to be a conservative, and pretending to care about the Constitution, Beck and others like him showed their true colors this week by supporting the federal government’s attempts to steal a Nevada Rancher’s land. In his radio broadcast he compared the Constitutionalists in Nevada to Occupy Wall Street, and then went on to smear anyone who supported them as people who are violent insurgence who should have no rights.

Tea Party Conservatives Side with Obama & Reid?

Ted Cruz and a number of other prominent Tea Party Conservatives have all been silent, and have refused to say a word about what’s going on in Nevada. It seems these so-called Tea Party Conservatives are more interested in getting elected President than they are in actually standing up for the American people’s rights. In my opinion, their silence on this issue speaks volumes to who they really are, and to the fact that we can’t trust anyone in Washington D.C.

Despite Glenn Beck’s attempts to smear real conservatives, the people who made their way to Nevada in support of the Bundy Ranch are not Violent; they are not the ones creating the trouble; and in my opinion, are no different than the people who founded this country – you know the ones that Beck is so fond of quoting in his numerous books which are all written by ghost writers.

If you really listen to what Glenn Beck, and the rest of these fake conservative are saying – many of who are speaking volumes through their silence – you quickly realize that these people would have been the first to support King George in his attempt to overthrow our Founding Fathers.