Seattle Mayor Asking Business Owners to Ban Gun Owners

Gun Free ZonesIn the latest liberal display of jackassery, the idiotic mayor of Seattle is asking Business owners to ban any customer who carries a gun from their establishment.

The new program asks local Seattle business owners to go “gun Free” and display the cities new “Gun Free Zone” decals. Apparently this is somehow going to solve the crime problem, because we all know criminals would never break the law, right?

Not surprisingly, a couple of the wacko liberals in Seattle are taking the Mayor up on his offer, and have already begun to display their gun free zone stickers. A Yoga studio (I know big shocker), a Coffee Shop and a Cupcake company are among those who will now proudly discriminate against gun owners in Seattle.

This is great news for criminals who will now know exactly what stores they can target without fear of being held accountable for their crimes.