Republican Cowards Cave: Help Fund Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Program

Despite having the majority in both the House and the Senate, the cowardly Republican Party yet again rolled over for King Obama. This morning the Senate voted on a temporary DHS funding bill that will also fund President Obama’s illegal immigration Amnesty Program.

Cowardly Lion

As debate continued in the House, the Senate voted 68-31 to approve a full-year bill free of provisions that would have defunded Obama’s immigration plan.

The House voted 240-183 along strict party lines to approve a procedural rule that will allow a vote on the short-term extension, a three-week stopgap funding bill. The measure, if passed, will go to the Senate for approval on Friday afternoon.

So for those keeping score, the Republicans have essentially sent the signal that they will allow the President to become a one-man law maker and law breaker.

“The House must pass this bill in short order to keep the lights on at the Department of Homeland Security in the near term,” said Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky. “Hopefully, this will buy us this additional time that we clearly need.”