King Obama to go around Congress and Lift Sanction on Iran

King ObamaAfter stunning the world last week when he said he would no longer work with congress, and instead “use his pen” to govern by executive order, President Obama has yet again signaled that he will ignore the Constitution and unilaterally lift sanctions on Iran – without congressional approval.

The move is yet another example of how this government has seized control; completely shredding the rule of law and moving this country even farther from its founding principles.

The White House, under the Constitution of the United Sates, lacks the power to lift these sanctions without congressional approval. But that’s not stopping them. Senior White House officials are in the process of figuring out how to overrule U.S. law, and seize even more control from the legislative branch.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), who is not in favor of lifting the current sanctions, and has proposed new stricter sanctions against Iran, said that it’s unacceptable for the White House to try to bypass Congress on such a critical global issue.

“The American people must get a say in any final nuclear agreement with Iran to ensure the mullahs never get the bomb,” Kirk told the Washington Free Beacon. “The administration cannot just ignore U.S. law and lift sanctions unilaterally.”

Under the Obama administrations proposed policy, Iran will receive over $4 billion in cash. Apparently the economy in the United States is so good under this administration that we can now afford to throw 4 billion in U.S. dollars to a country that professes to hate everything about us. Seems reasonable, right?