Glenn Beck: Fake Conservative, Content Thief and AntiConstitutional Government Agent?

Many people who have bought into the image of Glenn Beck are probably wondering what this is all about; how could we call someone who seems to be such a well-respected conservative a fake?

Well, it’s pretty easy; the guy is a complete phony who was only put out there, in our opinion, to take down the conservative movement. As we noted in our article yesterday, Beck often is put out there to take down any conservative movement, right as it’s starting to gain some steam. This week, he went on his radio show and declared that Constitutionalists are basically terrorists. (You can read more about that in yesterday’s article)

Who is Glenn Beck?

That answer to that question is a little tricky; because the real Glenn Beck seems to be a chameleon, changing his political beliefs and lifestyle more often than a mother changes her baby’s wet diaper.

What most Conservatives who listen to Beck don’t realize, is the fact that this guy is not a conservative.

Beck, by his own admission, was a rampant drug user and degenerate alcoholic. He was also a very liberal radio shock jock, akin to Howard Stern, who couldn’t make it as a morning radio DJ. The real Glenn Beck terrorized his competition, and even made fun of another local radio personality’s wife’s miscarriage on the air.

Shock Jock Glenn Beck y95
Radio Shock jock Glenn Beck,before he started pretending to be a conservative so he could milk people out of their money. Beck poses with a monkey, during one of his Shock Jock Routines at y95

Well, Glenn couldn’t compete the the Howard Sterns of the world; so when his career started to fall apart, in large part due to his drug and alcohol addiction, Beck simply reinvented himself as the fiery conservative who seemed to have a vast knowledge of history – especially when it came to the Constitution and the founding of this country. He also went religion shopping and decided to supposedly become a Mormon.

But wait, there’s a big problem here. Beck really isn’t all that smart; the Glenn Beck you see on T.V. is just an actor reading a script from a teleprompter – which is pretty ironic because for years he blasted our moron of a President for doing the same thing.

The real Glenn Beck is an actor who uses ghost writers to write his books, and steals real conservatives content for his websites, books and radio/television shows. If you ever see him during a live taping of his shows, the guys a complete idiot. Material is constantly fed to him during commercial breaks, and he reads everything off the teleprompter. He doesn’t write it, he doesn’t believe it; he just recites it.

If you visit his website The Blaze, you will see that what was once a site filled with conservative content – most of which was often stolen from real conservative bloggers and repackaged as “Beck content” – has become something of a viral video farm which makes even CNN look like a legitimate news source. Through the Blaze, Beck uses viral social media scams to slowly dumb down the reader, transitioning them from the conservative content to stories about Hollywood actors and viral videos that most teenagers would find offensive. He’s slowly turning back into that liberal radio shock jock – which we believe is probably his true persona – and in the process he’s trying to take down the entire conservative movement.

How can you say Beck is trying to Destroy conservatives?

Just remember that this guy who claims to be a tea-party conservative, is the same guy who refused to support real conservatives during the election. If you listen to Beck now, after the election is long forgotten, he pretends to love people like Ron Paul. But if you listened to Beck during the election, he did more to destroy Ron Paul than any other liberal personalty out there. In fact, he devoted weeks of his radio and television shows to smearing Ron Paul’s character, even attempting to label him a racist (hmmm… sounds like a tactic liberals love to use).

So when you hear Beck pretending to be against Obama, just remember that this is one of the guys who helped put him in power by ensuring we’d have a moron like Romney running against him. Beck is just another part of the machine that has been built to keep real conservatives out of power, and ensure the two-party system stays in place.

Who is the Real Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck y95 Shock Jock. Glenn Beck is nothing more than a Radio Shock Jock who found out he could get famous and make money by pretending to be a Conservative. The guy is a fraud; here is video from back when he tried to be like Howard Stern, the days that he made his living making fun of people who had miscarriages.