Elementary School Forces Girl to Choose Michael Jackson instead of God

A Sign of Our Times: Girl told God can’t be her Idol, but approves accused Child Molester Michael Jackson

According to WREG, Memphis mother Erica Shead said her 10-year-old daughter Erin, a student at Lucy Elementary in Memphis, Tenn., was told she could not use God as someone she looked up to in her assignment.

In our new Liberal Progressive world, where everything except traditional moral values are accepted, it seems some people just can’t except the fact that someone would choose God as their inspiration. For some reason this is the one thing that cannot be tolerated by progressives.

When 10-year-old Erin Shead was asked to write about someone she looked up to, the first person she thought of was God.

Here is her original assignment which her teacher rejected:

Assignment about who is your idol

It really is pretty sickening! Here you have a group of people who keep telling us we have to accept every lifestyle, no matter how destructive it might be, yet the moment you mention anything about moral values or Christianity, you’re immediately labeled a bigot and told you cannot discuss topics like that in today’s world.

In the eyes of today’s progressive liberals, free speech only covers the sickest and most repulsive behaviors. Dare say anything about values and you just might be shipped of to a re-education camp courtesy of those oh so accepting liberals.