China Warning Residents Ebola is not the ‘ZOMBIE Virus’ then describes it as Classic Zombie Virus

After panic started spreading in China over the Deadly Ebola Virus, with rumors spreading across Chinese internet channels of a deadly “Zombie Virus” outbreak, government official actually released a statement through the State sponsored media that the Ebola virus was not the deadly “Zombie Virus” of science fiction literature. The only problem, when they described the Ebola Virus it seemed to be straight out of an episode of the Walking Dead.


Through the official state sponsored media Xinhua, the news outlet told Chinese residents:

Images and lore of Ebola’s spread, and of the fever’s horrific consequences, have been shared across the world, and the Chinese internet in particular seems to have incubated some outlandish theories. Addressing these, Xinhua first debunks the notion that Ebola has made its way into China. (There was some concern that a man who traveled from Nigeria to Shanghai had contracted the disease, and a woman in Hong Kong tested negative after returning from Africa.)

Xinhua promised readers that, contrary to chatter on the internet, Ebola is not a “zombie disease.”

But when the news agency attempted to describe the disease they pretty much described what every sci-fi fan would consider “classic Zombie symptoms.”   The Agency described Ebola as:

  • An Ebola sufferer may lose consciousness or faint, making him or her appear dead.
  • A few hours or even days later the patient may suddenly come to and enter an extremely violent state, tearing at and biting anything that moves.
  • The scariest thing about Ebola is the high death rate.