King Obama? Obama admits ‘I have expanded my authority’

Imagine what would happen if a Republican President declared “What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action.” What an uproar we would have, and rightfully so. But what happens when a liberal president declares himself king?

King Obummer

Apparently the liberal media has no problem with President Obama’s almost dictatorial announcement that he has unilaterally decided to give himself powers that the American people, Congress and the Constitution never gave him.

In his MSNBC Town hall in Immigration the President said:

“So in the short term, if Mr. McConnell, the leader of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, want to have a vote on whether what I’m doing is legal or not, they can have that vote. I will veto that vote, because I’m absolutely confident that what we’re doing is the right thing to do.”

“What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion as far as we can legally under the existing statute, the existing law. And so now the question is, how can we get a law passed.”

Hear the entire Address where he declares he will take executive action on immigration, and doesn’t care if Congress declares what he’s doing is illegal. He also slams any judge who disagrees with him.